Further Reading

Look here for resources that elaborate on the issues discussed on this site.


  • 5 Gyres (organization): a group dedicated to removing the plastic from the world’s oceans. Check them out here.
  • Animal Rights National Conference (event): The largest and longest-running conference regarding animal rights. The conference features networking, vendors, speakers, and learning for everyone interested in animal rights. Click here to visit the conference website.


  • Sea World of Hurt
    A side project of PETA that aims to raise awareness for the fate of Sea World’s captive animals.

5 Gyres – An organization dedicated to removing the plastic from the world’s oceans.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
This link is to an important article in National Geographic’s Encyclopedia regarding the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Environmental Working Group
This site is an amazing resource for hot topics such as chemicals in food and cosmetics, agricultural developments, and sustainability. They are a nonprofit research corporation from Washington, D.C. While you’re on the website, make sure to check out the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.