DIY Autumn Wire Bracelet

Jewelry making is a great weekend project. After a brief hiatus, I've been getting back into beading and jewelry-making on the weekends. In this instructional, learn how to make a DIY wire bracelet perfect for fall. The key to this bracelet is using a variety of bead sizes and styles. Click the heading for more.



I read an interesting article the other day: it discussed the habits of happy people versus the habits of unhappy people. One of the big factors in feeling happy in life is a sense of gratitude. The more grateful people were, the survey recorded, the happier they tended to be. Click the heading for more.

How Instagram Helped My Anxiety

Social media, I've learned, must be utilized only as a celebration of a life well lived. It cannot be enjoyed as life itself, because it isn't life. Allow social media to inspire, educate, and connect you. Follow only the accounts that speak to you in a positive way. Don't allow the achievements of others make you question your worth or importance, for you have a story and a passion that only you can share. What will it be?