About the Website

whatOn this website, I aim to create content that showcases the importance of sustainability, while presenting it in an inviting and exciting way.promoteI’m writing as I explore and test these philosophies in my own life. My goal is to show how using less resources doesn’t have to be daunting or excessively time-consuming. I try to promote a healthy lifestyle for real, busy people. I try to convince those who aren’t aware of the importance of sustainability why it’s so important now and for future generations. I aim to demonstrate how you can still live a vibrant life (and save money) while treading lightly and using less resources.

On this site, you’ll find posts in the following categories, all designed to reflect a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.environmentalFor these posts, I research and discuss numerous environmental topics and current events. Look here for some animal rights discussions, too.fashionFashion can exist in a sustainable way, and there are many companies pioneering the “slow fashion” movement. Look for ideas here. This section also includes beauty tips and non-toxic product reviews.foodAlthough I am not a full-time vegetarian, I do believe in the importance of incorporating plant-based options into daily life. This section focuses mostly on plant-based eating and the importance of sustainable food options. Also look here for restaurant reviews, cookbook reviews, recipes and holiday treats.healthI love fitness and I believe in the importance of an active lifestyle. This category includes fitness inspiration, gym playlists, workout reviews and more.lifestyleI like to write about random lifestyle topics too, and sometimes these posts don’t fit into the other categories. Look in the lifestyle category for posts about careers, book reviews, family matters, home decor, craft projects and DIY ideas.positivityThis section contains posts on living a life full of compassion and positive vibes. I also write about ways to minimize negativity, maximize your potential, eliminate self-doubt and conquer anxiety. TravelThis category contains travel content that focuses on adventurous trips and sustainable options. Living a more eco-friendly life doesn’t mean you don’t travel or explore; it’s just about finding better ways of doing so!

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