June’s Weekend Challenges

Hi everyone! The weekend is almost here. I am looking forward to enjoying the weather and visiting with friends.

While you’re out this weekend, I have two quick challenges for you to try. I will be trying them myself. I believe living a more eco-friendly lifestyle starts with small steps and everyone can contribute something. Are you up for the challenge?


Skip the Straw

If you’re enjoying a summer cocktail this weekend (like these beautiful lemonades), ask the bartender to skip the plastic straw and sip from the glass instead. Bring a reusable straw if you have one, or maybe order a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. See if you can go the entire weekend without using a disposable straw. It’s a very small change that will make a big difference.

Unplug Electronic Devices

Many people are traveling out of town this weekend. Before you go, do a sweep of your home (or office) and unplug any electronic devices that you aren’t using. These could be phone chargers, microwaves, electronic air fresheners, etc. According to 1 Million Women, an Australian anti-climate-change movement, if every home in the United States unplugged devices when they’re not being used, it could save 8 billion dollars, and 44 million tons of carbon pollution, every year.

Well, there are the challenges! Two quick and easy things to try this weekend. I’ll be trying them as well. It’s these small steps, multiplied by many people, that can make a big impact.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Haileigh Name


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