Just Get Started

I’ve wanted to start and maintain an active blog for a while now. I’ve spent many days and evenings pondering over the theme, the purpose, the content, the layout, and the name. Some days, I’d think I was getting close to really diving in, only to hear doubtful thoughts creep in, saying, “Will anyone read this?” or “Is this a good idea?” or “I’ll start tomorrow, I’m not ready today.” All of this mental back-and-forth, I finally realized, was wasting precious time.

Although it is important to solidify your goals and figure out the details, too much idle time is counterproductive. I needed to be learning through doing and creating, not by playing it out perfectly in my head.

Computer 2

A few days ago, it dawned on me how much time I’d lost by not getting started. WordPress greeted me with a “Happy 2 year anniversary!” announcement, and I couldn’t believe it had been that long. How many posts did I have now, maybe 10 and another 10 in drafts? If I had written just 1 post per week, I’d have over 100 posts by now. They might not be the greatest, but it would’ve been something more substantial than what I have now. I’ve decided not to waste any more time; I’m going to start my goal of having an active blog and start now.

No matter your goal, it’s important to justย begin. You won’t be a pro at first. You’ll learn as you go and you’ll learn by doing. Sometimes, a goal can seem daunting and lofty and you’re not sure where to start – that’s how I felt with this blog. Make a list and break the larger goal down into small pieces. I recently bought a planner that says on the front cover, “Dream Big, Start Small.” What great advice!

Sometimes, when I’m feeling discouraged and as though my goals are out of reach, I look at where other people started to help me refocus. I’ll scroll through the profiles of my favorite Instagram accounts: The ones with 100,000 followers and perfect, well-edited pictures. Usually, there’s a beginning at some point, and sometimes it surprises me when I see those old, grainy, average photos begin to appear on the feed.

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, but the key word isย start.ย 


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