No More Plastic K-Cups

I believe in the importance of small steps when it comes to living a more eco-friendly life. Sometimes, making changes too drastically or depriving yourself too much leads to overindulgence later. Consistent progress in the right direction is my method.


Each month, try to remove something unsustainable from your grocery list. You can either do without the product or replace it with something more eco-friendly. The best way to tell companies what you’d like is to vote with your wallet! Support companies that you agree with and pass on products that don’t align with your sustainable efforts.

This month, try removing plastic K-Cups from your grocery list.

Why? According to an eye-opening article by Elif Koc, about 9 billion K-Cups ended up in landfills last year. Nine BILLION. I can’t even wrap my head around that number. The Atlantic estimates that this many K-Cups could circle the entire planet 10 times. That’s an incredible amount of plastic waste.

In addition to being environmentally harmful, K-Cups are also really expensive. In her article, Koc estimates that the amount of coffee you actually receive in a tiny K-Cup would retail at $40 a pound.

I do love my single-cup coffee maker, and I understand why people love K-Cups. I think a good compromise is to use a reusable K-Cup with your favorite ground coffee inside. It’s convenient, there’s much less plastic waste, and it’s affordable.

Reusable single-serve cups, such as mine pictured above, are available at most retailers in the coffee aisle.

I have reached out to Keurig on Instagram about K-Cups, asking them if there is a sustainable alternative coming in the near future. Much to my surprise and appreciation, they responded that they were working on a more eco-friendly cup. Hopefully that will be available in stores soon!


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