The Gateway Lodge

When my husband and I were married in 2015, our bridal party kindly gifted us a honeymoon at The Gateway Lodge in Cooksburg, Pennsylvania. It was an incredible time with equal parts adventure and relaxation!

The relaxing fireplace in the lodge common area.

Last weekend, my husband and I returned to enjoy The Woods Spa. (We took a selfie after, but we still had the massage chair lines on our foreheads, so I decided against posting the picture.) It was so nice to be back in Cooksburg. The massages were wonderful and the lodge was as cozy and charming as ever. I’m looking forward to visiting again when the weather gets warmer.

The Gateway Lodge is a great weekend destination for nature lovers. It is located within Cook Forest, an 8,500-acre expanse of beautiful wilderness in Cooksburg, PA. When visiting in the summer months, be sure to take advantage of the horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, and swimming available. Once you’re tired and ready for a break, head back to the lodge and relax before dinner.

The cozy front porch is adorned with white lights and lanterns.

The restaurant in the lodge is an amazing farm-to-table organic experience. There are gluten-free and vegetarian options as well. If you enjoy wine, the restaurant has been awarded the “Wine List of Excellence” by Wine Spectator. The country breakfast menu includes options such as French toast, a spinach egg bake, fireside oatmeal, an eggy sandwich, fruit, coffee, tea, and more.

As an active person, I love when my vacations mix adventure with relaxation; this is something The Gateway Lodge does very well. I like spending my days outside and spending the evenings relaxing comfortably by the fire. I would highly recommend The Gateway Lodge for any nature lover!


For more information, visit The Gateway Lodge’s website here.


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