Green Your Beauty Routine: EcoTools

Hi everyone! In this new series, I’m going to discuss how you can add eco-friendly and low-toxic beauty items to your daily routine. This post will focus on the EcoTools company, whose brushes I have used (and loved!) for several years.

A varied selection of high-quality brushes is essential in your makeup bag. EcoTools provides a broad selection of fantastic brushes with purpose.


Why do I love my EcoTools brushes? First of all, and importantly, they work very well. The brushes are extremely soft, sturdy, and are easy to clean. The construction and philosophy behind the brushes, though, make them even better. EcoTools brushes are cruelty-free, meaning no animals are harmed during their production. Although most of the brush is made with renewable bamboo, the aluminum and plastic parts are made with recycled materials. Also very cool: their packaging is made with tree-free paper (they use a cotton and bamboo pulp mix instead).

On this blog, I will periodically review eco-friendly and low-toxin makeup and beauty products. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!


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