Refocus After a Bad Day

Unfortunately, not every day can be a great day. Some days just feel “off.” Yesterday was one of those “off” days for me, and I know everyone has them.

A peaceful beach sunset last year in Delaware.

I chip away at my large goals every day by taking small steps forward. Yesterday’s negativity, though, made me doubt my progress. I was surrounded with thoughts of self-doubt (and I only increased these thoughts by reading negative articles online). Was I doing enough to achieve my goals? Would I ever reach my goals at my current pace? My thoughts were racing; I felt sad and defeated. I struggled with my sense of purpose.

“Bad” days can be important for growth, though, as long as you see them for what they are: a time to refocus and re-energize. When having a bad day, it is often hard to stay positive, but that’s exactly what you need to do. Yesterday, I tried to remember that negative energy can actually be a great springboard onto the things you’re passionate about. It can be a great reminder to keep going, a push against stagnation. After all, if you’re feeling down about something, it’s probably important to you.


Instead of letting the negativity overtake your positive attitude, refocus the energy into action. I realized my bad day was a great wake-up call. I was getting too comfortable and too content with my progress. I had briefly become idle but I didn’t realize it. I needed this reminder that I still have work to do. I needed this bad day to remind me I’m not where I’d like to be yet.

If you find yourself having a bad day, allow the negativity to have its moment, but don’t linger on it. Refocus the problems into tangible goals. Keep moving forward and use the fresh emotion to propel you. Accept the day, create a plan, and start again tomorrow.


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