A Sustainable Wedding

When planning our big day, my husband and I quickly realized it was very easy to get caught up in wedding indulgences. Every vendor is trying to sell you the best, most beautiful, most important, shiniest item. Where do you draw the line? How can you have a beautiful day without the excess consumption that often comes along with such an event?

In this post,  I have gathered some tips for planning your big day in an eco-friendly way. Below, I have listed a few items to skip that we omitted (and found that I didn’t miss at all).


Balloons and Paper Decorations
We chose a nature park as my venue so we could let nature do the decorating. It was easy to set up and take down, and the guests enjoyed the natural beauty. Even in the reception pavilion, I found that I didn’t miss having balloons.

Save The Dates
I do enjoy save-the-date announcements, but we saved a bit of money and saved some paper by skipping these. I let close friends and family know our date far ahead of time and we were sure to send out the invitations early.

Plastic Plates and Silverware
Although we had a casual buffet, the caterer still provided ceramic dishes and regular silverware instead of the plastic alternative, which was awesome.

Paper Napkins
My caterer provided linen napkins for each place setting in place of paper ones.

Individual Place Cards
For our seating chart, we placed all names on a sign for guests to view, instead of making individual seating cards. Everyone quickly glanced at the chart and found his or her seat. I don’t think anyone missed having a seating card and it saved some paper by skipping them.


I am fortunate to have married someone who is on board with my sustainability efforts. Do you have any ideas on things to skip for a more sustainable wedding? Leave them in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “A Sustainable Wedding

  1. We skipped flowers on the tables and used pots of herbs that my mother in law grew instead. They smelt great! We also went for vintage clothes rather than buying new.


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