Healthy Little Limes

Good morning and Happy Friday!

After doing some reading this morning, I learned about the many health benefits contained inside a little lime. I had no idea. Did you know that drinking unsweetened water with lime, or adding lime slices to a recipe, can offer the following health advantages?


Digestion Helper
A lime’s acidity works with saliva to break down food. Limes stimulate the bowels and are also a good source of fiber.

Infection Fighter
Due to a lime’s high Vitamin C content, they can help the body fend off infections. If you’re already sick, limes can help shorten your cold or flu. Citric acid kills bacteria and is often used to preserve foods.

Inflammation Reducer
I had no idea, but Vitamin C can decrease the levels of inflammation in your body. (I’ll have to pass this one along to my dad, who suffers from psoriatic arthritis.)

Cancer Fighter
Citrus fruits have been shown in studies to help fight various cancers.

Asthma Reliever
This one is personal for me because I have asthma. Lemons and limes are effective for asthma relief and I will certainly try this out firsthand.

I just poured myself a tall glass of lime water to enjoy as I finish typing this post. I had no idea limes were so healthy, and it’s so easy to add them to your favorite recipes (so many possibilities: tacos or burritos, salads, black bean burgers, chicken). I will definitely try to increase my lime intake after reading these amazing health benefits.


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